Images of China's environment

Four images showing the progress that China's government aims to achieve through a "Scientific Outlook on Development". From the thick smog of Lanzhou (top), it aims to first clean up old factories such as this steel plant at Baoutou (second), then replace the dirtiest plants with modern technology such as this coal liquefaction facility (third) and ultimately move to a low-carbon economy by expanding wind farms (bottom) and other forms of renewable energy. For a slideshow of images click here.

China's 'cancer villages' reveal dark side of economic boom

Polluting factories in rural communities are forming a deadly toxic cocktail for villagers, leading to surging rates of cancer

Drought turns lake into arid plain in Southern China 

Farmers struggle to survive after Yunnan rainfall falls to lowest level in living memory

All the tees in China: Golf boom threatens rainforest

With its 1,000-year-old trees, Hainan was a rare conservation success. But now fairways stretch as far as the eye can see at mega-clubs like Mission Hills

Zooming in on Beijing's "seventh ring" of rubbish 

In the wastelands of consumer culture with Wang Jiuliang, who has mapped and photographed the capital's burgeoning refuse crisis 

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